Fayetteville is a community that played a rich role in our nation’s history. Because of our deep love of country and our long-standing ties to the military we are often called “America’s Home Town.” Today, visitors find inspiration in our unwavering patriotism and celebration of our military family. The Society of Patriots mission is to ensure that this passion and support is always present. Here are some of the ways we do this:

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College of Patriotic Arts & Sciences

Understand what makes Fayetteville special and learn to help visitors get more out of there stay with us. All classes are free and can be taken at your leisure.

Individual Curriculum

Designed to help front-line employees like wait staff and front desk personnel improve their their knowledge of Fayetteville as a destination so they can pass it on to their customers.

Business Curriculum

Designed to help businesses support the community image and provide a seamless Fayetteville/Cumberland County for visitors.




Online forums and message center to connect with other SOP members for collaboration and discussions.

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A collection of documents, plans, background information from community organizations in one central online location.