The College of Patriotic Arts & Sciences is an online resource devoted to helping you solve problems and provide customers with information that will make their stay a more positive experience. And make you a more valuable employee.

A great visitor experience starts with you.

Over 160,000 people stay overnight in Fayetteville every month. When they have a good experience, the word gets out - which encourages repeat business. Better visitor experiences means more revenue for individuals and businesses.

“What a fantastic Program!”
-Ben, Manager of McDonalds

What’s in it for you?

Aside from being responsible for a better community experience, you stand to benefit, too. The immediate reward may be positive customer feedback that could lead to referral business and individual recognition for you.

You’ll also have the chance to:

Build valuable skills
Gain access to updates, tutorials and advice to assist you in servicing your customers
Become a recognized leader in the community’s effort to improve visitor experiences

The College

There are two paths, one for individuals, and one for businesses as described below. Proceed through this free program at your own pace. Upon completion, you’ll know how to better read your customers, build lasting relationships, and deliver a more seamless Fayetteville experience. Not to mention acquire new tools useful during your daily routine that will keep visitors coming back.


Designed to help front-line employees like wait staff and front desk personnel improve their knowledge of Fayetteville as a destination so they can pass it on to customers. To become a member of the Society of Patriots, you must complete Levels 1 & 2.

Level one - Understanding the Significance of Fayetteville


This course will highlight significant events in Fayetteville’s past, and provide a better understanding of what visitors find interesting.

Level two - Understanding the Role you play in the Fayetteville brand


Understanding the Role you Play in the Fayetteville Brand (4 Courses) Here, we go a little deeper. You'll learn more about what makes Fayetteville a great experience for visitors and how to guide them along the way.



This program is designed to help individual businesses deliver a better Fayetteville experience for all visitors. To begin this level, all members of the company’s key management and 60% of staff must complete.

Level three - Business Best Practices


Businesses must comply with a series of best practices within their place of business that reflect positively on the community brand.

Level four - Business Evaluation


Upon completion of Level 3, the organization will be visited by a Society of Patriots “secret shopper” who will evaluate the knowledge and skills of employees as well as Level 3 compliance. Organizations completing this level will be designated as Preferred Society of Patriots members. All employees who complete Levels 1 & 2 will receive this new designation as well.