The objective of the conversion study is to measure conversion rates among general travelers who have inquired about visiting the area through various mediums (web, advertisements etc.) and determine whether they ultimately visited. It is also used to determine demographic information on visitors and non-visitors alike.

FY 2014 Conversion Study
FY 2013 Conversion Study
FY 2011 Conversion Study
FY 2010 Conversion Study
FY 2006 Conversion Study

The insights included aim to give you a deeper understanding of the latest online travel industry trends across multiple countries.

Travel Trends 2017

The North Carolina Division of Tourism has maintained metrics by county since 1990.  Cumberland County statistics are located at this link:

1990-2015 Economic Impact Studies

For more NC Division of Tourism information, click here.

The summer edition of The State of the American Traveler from Destination Analysts explores issues related to how different generations travel.

The State of the American Traveler, GENERATIONS EDITION, July 2016 | Volume 21

Are you a Traditionalist,  Baby Boomer, Generation Xer or a on the link to find out more about the generations.

Which Generation are you?

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